….. Drug use

Drug use is a great concern to parents, as it should be. But, agency of children, and the natural and negative reaction of children to coercion limits what a parent should do. Considering residential treatment?

Dr. Glenn Latham’s recommendation on this issue was to keep the child at home, as long as the child is functioning. But, you need to make sure that you create a positive, non-coercive home environment where your family values are communicated clearly and modeled. Dr. Latham’s personal experience was that 95% of wayward teens came back to the family value system when parents did this.

Changing form using coercion, to using expectations and natural and logical consequences is very difficult for parents. Parents generally need help to do this, and parent coaching is one way to get this help.

Call or email Tom Dozier if you want personal help. Dealing with these kids and this situation is not easy. Calls are free and welcomed.

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