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Guaranteed Parent Training is here to help you make your home a happier place, handle serious child behavior problems, or anything in between. Our goal is to help you be a happier parent (or grandparent), with children who are well adjusted and well behaved.


Classes are taught through the local adult education programs at a very modest cost. Here are the spring classes taught by Tom.

Fall 2011 Parenting Classes by Tom Dozier




Class Name

Adult School





Personal Parenting Class (qualifies for court ordered parenting class)

Tom Dozier






Helping Older Children Become Responsible and Independent (teens and 20s)

Las Positas Community Ed





Transforming the Strong-Willed Child (part 1)

Las Positas Community Ed











Transforming the Strong-Willed Child (part 2)



Las Positas Community Ed






Personal Parenting Class
Tom Dozier can provide a personal or small group class that qualifies for a court ordered parenting class. The length of the class will depend on individual needs and ages of children. The cost is about $200 to $300 ($40 per hour plus materials).

Transforming the Strong-Willed Child
With this class, you can turn “No! I won’t and you can’t make me!” into smiles and “OK Mommy.” Strong-willed children can be very difficult to parent because they fight your authority and enjoy the battles they create. Based on extensive research in child behavior, this class will teach you how to end the battles with your child and motivate your child to cooperate and please you. This 2-week class will teach you practical skills to use right away. Using primarily positive methods, you will transform your child and your home so everyone is happier. Battling with a child is no fun. Come learn how to put the fun back in parenting. You will be glad you did, and so will your child! (suitable for children ages 3-10). There is a single fee that covers both weeks of the class.

Helping Older Children Become Responsible and Independent (teens and 20s)
Lack of responsibility is a common complaint of parents of older teens and young adults. We expect our children to get a good education, grow up, and move away from home. Many children struggle with this. Problems may begin with a high school student performing below his ability or may show up after graduation where the child seems unmotivated to work hard in college, learn a trade, or get a job. As parents, there is much we can do to help our children learn to be responsible and become independent. This class will teach you what to do in the teen years to help your child successfully navigate the path to becoming an independent and self-sufficient adult. It will also cover how to help a “failure to launch” child make the difficult transition from adolescence to adulthood (being independent and self-sufficient). As a parent you have a critical role in this process. (suitable for children ages 13-29).

For more information on classes, go on-line or call
– Las Positas Community Ed: 925-424-1467

Parent Coaching – Ask a Question, Get Personal Help, Any Child Behavior Problem (big or small)
Tom Dozier also provides individual parent coaching services at reasonable rates. The standard rate is only $40 per hour, and there is a sliding scale based on your ability to pay. If you have a child behavior concern, give Tom a call. It doesn’t cost anything to find out if Tom can help. You may be very surprised at the insight you can gain from just one chat. All coaching is provided with a “Satisfaction or Money Back” guarantee. In fact, you can even take the “Satisfaction and Then I’ll Pay” plan if you wish. Before any payments will be accepted, an enrollment agreement must be signed. [Enrollment Agreement]

Who’s the Expert?
Dr. Glenn I. Latham, educator and behavior analyst is the expert behind the skills taught here. Dr. Latham was an expert in child and adolescent behavior, and how to improve behavior in the home through parent training. His book, “The Power of Positive Parenting, a Wonderful Way to Raise Children” is the manual that kids should come with. Dr. Latham helped the Dozier family through their parenting challenges. In an effort to repay Dr. Latham, and to help others, Tom Dozier now teaches the skills and techniques of Dr. Latham.

About Tom Dozier
Tom received a graduate certificate in Behavior Analysis from the University of North Texas in 2004, and is a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA). He holds a California Parent Education Teaching Credential and is a certified parenting instructor for the Florida Foster Parent Training course, “Parenting Tools for Positive Behavior Change.” Tom is a devoted student of the scientifically based, positive parenting research by Dr. Glenn I. Latham, author of “The Power of Positive Parenting.” Tom has four children and four grandchildren. He was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree with Highest Honors from the University of Texas at Austin in 1975 and had a successful engineering career lasting over 30 years, but has now changed his career to “Behavior Engineering.”

Tom has taught parenting classes in the Livermore area since 2003. He currently teaches for Las Positas Community Education and both Pleasanton and Livermore Adult Education programs. 70% of parents rate the skills taught as “Extremely Effective.” He is the owner and principal instructor of Guaranteed Parent Training, which promotes and teaches positive parenting skills with a “satisfaction or money back” guarantee.

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Note: This website deals with child behavior using applied behavior analysis or ABA. The core skills presented here are from the Parenting Tools for Positive Behavior Change program developed by Behavior Analysts in Florida to teach foster parents, with the help of Dr. Glenn I. Latham. They are effective parenting techniques for grandparents, step parents, divorced parents, step children, blended families, grandchildren, or any family situation. These parenting techniques are consistent with, the science of human behavior and positive parenting and when applied produce happy families and happy children who behave well. As such, they avoid the use of coercion and respect the agency of your kids. These behaviorist methods include parenting skills that address child behavior problems such as noncompliance, tantrums, lying, stealing, fighting, arguing, disrespect, sibling rivalry, homework problems, bedtime problems, eating and food problems, quarreling, defiance, sassing, bad attitude, sexual behavior, hitting, yelling, screaming, ADD, ADHD, ODD, emotional behavior, separation anxiety, out of control behavior, drug use (such as alcohol, tobacco or marijuana), and teen sex. The parenting skills taught include appropriate use of incentives (including rewards, motivators, or reinforcers), positive reinforcement, and general positive parenting techniques. Parents are taught how to ignore behavior that needs to be ignored. Ignoring can be very effective when coupled with the other skills, which include, parental expectations, behavior contracts, redirect (or stop-redirect), and time-out (or time out from positive reinforcement). These techniques vary with the age of child, but apply to toddlers, tweens, teens, adolescents, young adults and even adult children. Positive parenting techniques give children the motivation to do what they should do, need to do, and what you want them to do. Although these techniques are generally simple, they can be difficult to apply. Many parents benefit from the personal help and depth of knowledge of a parent coach (or parenting coach). Parent coaching is a way to get the individual parenting help many parents want (and need). Other problems that can be addressed with parent coaching include ADD (attention deficit disorder), ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ODD (oppositional defiant disorder), anger, blaming others, breaking rules, complaining, biting, kicking, hitting, cussing, swearing, interrupting, impulsive or lack of self control, incompetent, irresponsible, laziness, non-compliance, dishonesty, disruptive, melt-downs, moody, not listening, out of control behavior, power struggles, quarrelling, resentful, strong-willed, temper tantrums, yelling, whining, uncooperative, vindictive, and being spiteful.

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