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Parent Coaching Reference by Tom Dozier
This is the material Tom uses when working with parents, both by phone and in person. It gives an outline of the skills Tom teachers and is a convenient reference. Click here to see, print, or save the Parent Coaching Reference, 01-24-13.


The Power of Positive Parenting, a Wonderful Way to Raise Children by Dr. Glenn I. Latham

This is the instruction manual that every parent needs. It is the core knowledge tool on how to raise children in a positive and loving way. More importantly, it is proven through the most comprehensive collection of research and trials on child behavior and parenting.

The Power of Positive Parenting provides sound principles and practical methods for working with children. This book is unique in that it presents the wisdom developed from decades of scientific research in a conversational, easy-reading style. It is full of real-life examples, graphic illustrations, and simple explanations that you can use today. It completely and clearly explains how to deal with 21 typical childhood behaviors, including teenage problems, tantrums, whining, bedtime, potty-training, fighting, and more from birth through adulthood.

When parents apply this positive parenting system, children will feel loved, accepted, and confident while they develop a healthy understanding of consequences and “discipline”. (softcover book, 397 pages)

Christlike Parenting by Dr. Glenn I. Latham

This is the parenting manual that illuminates connections between positive parenting and Christian living. Dr. Latham’s influential release is clearly inspiring. Learn the eight measures of a “good parent” and see how to keep modern-day, Christian parenting in perspective. Families whose lives are torn by behavioral problems can enjoy the healing influence of Christlike Parenting. (softcover book, 224 pages)

Parenting with Love by Dr. Glenn I. Latham
(also available in Spanish as Criando Con Amor)

This is the positive parenting guide you can carry to the office, on a trip, or in the car. It covers the essential principles, strategies, and examples in an easy-reading style. Review the four principles of positive parenting. Explore a fresh perspective on the strategies and skills for dealing with misbehavior and encouraging good behavior. (softcover book, 99 pages)

Audio and Video

The Making of a Stable Family by Dr. Glenn I. Latham

Parents and professionals agree that these proven methods for improving childhood behaviors are fundamental to stable family relationships. Dr. Latham entertains and enlightens as he teaches eight things that must be eliminated from every home, three essential skills for when children misbehave, and four skills for when children behave well.

This may be the most important video you ever watch because Dr. Latham demonstrates how you can minimize the risks of losing your children to dangerous influences. Become a “safe” parent and create a safe home to which your children and grandchildren will return. Unlearn the destructive methods that cause children to escape, avoid, and get even. Unlock the positive power in your home to establish a lifelong, loving relationship with your child.

Now you can discover how to improve behavior and reduce stress in your own home and in the classroom with this video presentation of Dr. Latham’s popular seminar, “The Making of a Stable Family”.

An Angel Out of Tune (audio CD) by Dr. Glenn I. Latham

In this audio presentation, parents will discover and learn solutions to many parenting concerns. It features 24 easy-listening, positive parenting prescriptions in the form of engaging thoughts, stories, music, and personal parenting experiences. You can begin using the sound advice and examples right now. Titles include “Mountains Out of Molehills”, “Be Good To Yourself, Too”, “Don’t Sweat the Little Things”, and many more. Enjoy learning new parenting skills on your commute or at home.

Note: This is for a broad variety of parenting and life situations, and not just for dealing with babies.

Parenting Prescriptions (2 audio tapes) by Dr. Glenn I. Latham

Everyday parenting challenges can be made easier when you draw upon Dr. Latham’s years of research and his understanding of human behavior. In this audio presentation, Dr. Latham addresses four of the most compelling concerns of parents: Eliminating Tantrums, Sibling Rivalry, Living with Teenagers, and Refusing To Do As Told. This can be a powerful parenting tool as you learn to deal with troubling behaviors. Find out the three things every child needs to be happy and well adjusted. Listen and learn in the car or at home.

Parent Training Course:

Guaranteed Parenting Tools for Positive Behavior Change
Guaranteed Parenting Tools for Positive Behavior Change is regularly taught in Livermore and Pleasanton California by Tom Dozier. This is the 101 page manual for the 8 week class. It also includes the 8 DVDs used for students to make up classes missed. The course teaches parents how to build positive behavior through the skills of Use Reinforcement, Create a Positive Home Environment, Avoid Coercion, Stay Close, Parental Expectations, Set Expectations, and Use a Contract. The class teaches parents the basics of behavior science which explains why children behave the way they do. This allows parents to make adustments in the way they react to their children to reduce problem behavior and build desired behavior. The class also teaches parents skills to handle inappropriate behavior. These skills include Pivot (purposeful or planned ignoring), Immediate Expectations, Stop-Redirect-Reinforce, and Time-Out from Positive Reinforcement. If you are not satisfied with these materials for any reason, you can return them and receive a full refund including shipping and handling. Price is $90. Click here for online store.

Parent Coaching – Personal help

Tom Dozier – Tom is a behaviorist, parent educator, and a faithful student of the works of Glenn Latham. He can teach you how to apply what you read in the above books, or just answer your questions. He can help you change the way you are dealing with your child so your child will behave better. No problem is too small are large, if it is a concern to you. Call with any question – 925-322-5100, or email to