….. Tweens

Tweens is about 9-12 years of age. Parents often say, “My child is 10, but she already acts like a teenager.”

Parents still are the most influential person in a tween’s life. Parents need to help their tween with motivation and cooperation. This can be done using behavioral parenting skills. Tweens respond quickly and positively. If your tween has an attitude or compliance problem; if he creates chaos in your home; or if she likes to argue, or have tantrums, then you can use these positive parenting skills to make wonderful, changes in your home.

Do you find yourself resorting to coercion to make your child do his homework? Do you have problems with chores? You need help from a parenting coach.

Tweens it a critical time in a child’s development. This is the time that things need to be running smoothly. Your child needs to learn that doing good things produces good results. This is a critical concept for success during the teenage years.

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